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Why Choose Transpeed Transcription and Electronic Medical Record Service

For over two decades, TranSpeed has consistently transcribed and accurately delivered transcribed documents of quality in a time efficient manner.  We utilize medical transcriptionists who have numerous years of transcription experience and who are extremely knowledgeable in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, computers and grammar skills.  Hiring TranSpeed for your transcription services will also help you meet budgetary goals while maintaining high quality service by:

  • Decreasing costs affiliated with full time transcriptionists
  • Saving time by not having to hire and train transcriptionists
  • Removing transcriptionists scheduling conflicts from your worries
  • We provide 24/7 coverage inclusive of weekends and holidays
  • Reducing fees charged for servicing in house equipment
  •  Cutting costs by not having to purchase transcription equipment and updates
  • Increasing office space by outsourcing to TranSpeed Transcription Service
  • You receive worry free transcription within your guaranteed turn around
  • You are always able to reach an on call personal account manager

Enjoy the benefits of a worry free transcription service...

TranSpeed ~ Give us a call!

Why Outsource Your Transcription?

Outsourcing is SIMPLE!!  Why would you want to go through the hassles, aggravation and expense of having to hire in-house transcriptionists?  TranSpeed can save you this STRESS AND HEADACHE!  TranSpeed can save you time and money by providing fast and affordable medical transcription services.

If you look at the overall picture of hiring and the expenses of an           in-house Medical Transcriptionist, you are looking at the following: recruiting, training, hiring, taxes, insurance, unemployment, leave of absence, insurance, equipment, coordination and management.   If you call TranSpeed, we can reduce all of these expenses and more!

We provide the trained employees, located within our local office in Snellville, Georgia.  We work behind locked doors to remain compliant with all levels of security and HIPAA compliance.  We hire our own medical transcription staff, we provide the equipment, the ongoing training and updates of terminology and formats.  All you have to do is keep us on your speed dial and dictate.  You dictate your notes into our call in system and move forward to more important things.  You are able to see more patients in a day, and know that your reports will safely be returned to you, quickly, completed and ready for import into your EMR system or printed for filing in your office.

All Medical Transcription Services Are HIPAA Compliant

We are constantly updated on HIPAA regulations. All electronic records are sent over a secure server so that all regulatory measures have been met. We also have all of our employees sign a confidentiality statement in order to handle any medical records.

We are here for you.  TranSpeed Transcription…A Name you can rely on for all of your Medical Transcription needs.

In a Hurry? Don't worry! We offer a STAT option for all your emergency needs.  We offer a 1-2 hour STAT turn around … You Dictate It… we type it!!!

If you are in need of medical transcription services, just give us a call, we can help.

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